Monday, April 11, 2011

Big East All Americans (men's basketball edition)


DarLucky has ascertained
the all-time all americans for the real Big East schools (excluding Providence and Seton hall ... lists headlined by Marvin Barnes/Eric Murdock and Terry Dehere are not quite as impressive).

if the rules were put together a team using their in-college skills, I think I'd go with G'town first and it's real close between Cuse and UConn, then a gap to the rest led by the Johnnies. #s in parentheses are what team AP all american they were voted...multiple #s means multiple years (good lord Ewing!). Related: I think I read that Scottie Reynolds is the only first team all american to never play in the NBA. I'm too lazy to look up if that's true.
Kemba Walker (1)
Hasheem Thabeet (2)
Rudy Gay (2)
Emeka Okafor (1)
Richard Hamilton (1/2)
Ray Allen (1/3)
Donyell Marshall (1)

Wesley Johnson (1)
Hakim Warrick (1/3)
Carmelo Anthony (2)
John Wallace (2)
Lawrence Moten (3)
Billy Owens (1)
Derrick Coleman (1)
Sherman Douglas (1/3)
Pearl Washington (3/3)
Rudy Hackett (2)
Dennis Duvall (3)
Dave Bing (1)

Roy Hibbert (2)
Jeff Green (3)
Allen Iverson (1)
Alonzo Mourning (1/2/3)
Dikembe Mutumbo (3)
Charles Smith (2)…the guard not the big guy
Reggie Williams (1)
Patrick Ewing (1/1/1)
Sleepy Floyd (1/2)

DeJuan Blair (1)
Sam Young (3)
Aaron Gray (3)
Brandin Knight (3)
Jerome Lane (2/3)
Billy Knight (2)
Don Hennon (2)

Scottie Reynolds (1)
Randy Foye (1)
Allan Ray (3)
Michael Bradley (2)
Kerry Kittles (1/2)
John Pinone (3)
Howard Porter (3/3)
Larry Hennesy (3)

St John’s
Ron Artest (3)
Malik Sealy (3)
Mark Jackson (2)
Walter Berry (1)
Chris Mullin (1/2)
Reggie Carter (2)
Billy Schaeffer (3)
Sonny Dove (3)
Tony Jackson (1/2)