Thursday, October 25, 2012

Morning song


Today's morning song is "Time Is On My Side" (a video of which can be found here.) In my opinion, this is a pretty crappy cover of a terrific song originally recorded by the Queen of New Orleans Blues, Irma Thomas. Alas, the Stones were young when they recorded the song, and at the time their musicianship was, ahem, incipient. Anyway, on this date in 1964, I watched the Stones perform this song on the Ed Sullivan Show in front of a bunch of adoring screaming fans. In fact, the fans were so obstreperous that they
practically [tore] the studio seats apart. Sullivan declare[d] to reporters: "I promise you they'll never be back on our show. It took me 17 years to build this up, I'm not going to have it destroyed in a matter of weeks. We won't book any more rock 'n' roll groups. Frankly, I didn't see the group until the day before the broadcast. I was shocked when I saw them." The group return[ed] to the program five times.
(Furthermore, I see that
all 17 of the Rolling Stones' performances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" will be released Nov. 1 in a deluxe package from Universal Music Enterprises and Sofa Entertainment. An abridged version of the Stones on "Sullivan" [was] released Oct. 4.)


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