Monday, October 10, 2005

Wait 'til next year

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Well in case anyone was worried, I did not hang myself from the shower curtain at 7:30pm on Friday, my silence is more because over the past 9 days I've been heavily involved in two bachelor parties (one in my honor, one that I helped pull together).

Also, I didn't really have much to say, which is ironic since my previous blog started when I needed an outlet during the 2004 ALCS.

The three game sweep really stung, not because I had expected a World Series run, but because there were a number of things about it that made me want to punch a wall:
- scoring 3 runs per game, after leading the majors in runs. frustrating.
- not being able to win at home, despite an amazing record at home. doubly frustrating.
- not being able to last long enough to even play over the weekend, when I would have been able to enjoy the game from a barstool.

Mostly, I'm upset because the season is over and I love watching baseball. I was going to say I love talking about baseball, but let's face it, there's even more to talk about in the offseason.

Now, on to rooting against Roger Clemens and the Yankees, pretty much par for the course since 1996.


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