Monday, October 17, 2005

REVIEW: In Her Shoes


Forget the efforts of Cameron Diaz and everyone else trying to sell the movie, In Her Shoes is definitely a chick flick. It is also a superior movie, probably the best I've seen so far this year. The wife wanted to see it, but I went along very willingly because it was directed by one of Hollywood's best directors, Curtis Hanson. His three prior movies were L.A. Confidential, Wonder Boys, and 8 Mile. I think it is pretty clear he is the most versatile filmmaker working in Hollywood today.

Diaz gives her best performance to date, but Collette and MacLaine own the movie. Whereas Diaz is a star giving a very good performace, Collette and MacLaine are true actors completely losing themselves in their roles. MacLaine is sure to receive her sixth Oscar nod and first since she won for Terms of Endearment in 1984. She does something wonderful that I've noticed many older stars like Paul Newman and Morgan Freeman also do: almost nothing. At least that's how it looks. Everything they do is less than what most actors would do. A little quieter, a little less movement but everything comes out. They make it look so easy you don't always give them credit. You always know exactly what they are thinking. The perfect distillation of human behavior.

It's too bad the movie is not making any money or it would be a sure bet for a passel of Oscar nominations. Oh well. For everyone involved, it will always be one of the best movies they've ever done.

So don't sweat it guys, if your lady friend wants to drag you to In Her Shoes you're in for a treat. Just make sure to complain a lot so next time you want to see Kill Bill vol. 56 or whatever, she'll owe you one.


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